A. Export Packing Line

Citrus Packing Line for Export

SNobariah, El beherah province, Egypt.

Started in:

Project Objectives:
To clean and wash fruits, sterilizing , drying, waxing, grading, and packing fruits for export using the technology which have been developed by the founder of the charity.

An agreement has been established between MTCO and AgroFood, a company specialized in exporting potatoes and other vegetables to Europe and the Middle East..

This project will fulfill the need for exported organic fruits which is in high demand nowadays, and will bring hard currency to the host country and encourage other packers to use the new technology in their own operations. This will eventually benefit the entire industry, by educating and modernizing the packing house industry in the area and ultimately the entire country. The small packing houses will also be more efficient, productive and prepared to fulfill the needs of the new market.

View video of the line which is now operating...

Note: The packing line mentioned is now approved and certified for exporting fruits by the Egyptian authorities.

This packing line was built to help raise money for our effort and to help the local economy by providing jobs and technology for the packing industry in Egypt.

Second Phase:
We are exploring the possibility of packing mangoes using the same line, with some modifications. This will be the first time mangoes will be washed, cleaned, and packed commercially in Egypt.

B. Juice Plant

The juice line may also be installed there in the future. The feasibility study is being conducted now. View interactive map of the equipment...

C. Pest Management & Consultation

1. Introduced several sex phermones in joint project with a specialist at the Ministry of Agriculture to help reduce the pesticide application on citrus in Egypt. This project was completed with a local professor specializing in pest management to use phermone traps to monitor the insects in citrus and advise the growers about the findings in five locations. This project is ongoing and must be repreated and revised since it hasn't reached the desired results.

2. We introduced phermone traps to monitor and trap the date plam weevil which is a serious problem to the industry in Egypt. We supplied these traps to a farm near Ismailia and it was monitored by the farm personnel. The results were promising, and this project may be expanded to other locations. View photos of insects...