-Shobra, Cairo, Egypt

-Abo Elmatameer, El Behera, Egypt

2009 Activities

This project is offering monetary support to orphanages. The christian orphanage is the House of Abba Hirum for girls, and the Muslim orphanage is named Nubaria Islamic Society.

2010 Activities

We purchased new clothing for the needy which were training suits for small and large sizes from a local clothing manufacturer. This clothing was distributed by rented truck and delivered personally to each recipient who had to sign for them from Cairo all the way to Upper Egypt (300 miles south) These organizations will be contacting us for their future needs. If you wish to donate to our efforts, please contact us. View an interactive map and copies of receipts for each location...

The Children's Foundation in Mexico.

Provides shelter, food, clothing, education, and medical attention to homeless, abandoned, orphaned, and abused children in desperate circumstances. Their website in