Biography for Ibrahim F. Michael

Address P. O. Box 9338 Fresno, CA. 93791
Phone 559-994-6000

1968 Ein-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Ph.D. in Toxicology & Pest Management
1959 Cairo University, Cairo Egypt
Master of Science, Plant Pathology
1955 Ein-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Bachelor of Science, Horticulture

CAREER 1969-1971

Worked with Post Doctorate program at the University of California, Riverside, establishing the first

commercial insectary in the United States in Riverside, California


Established my own insectary and agricultural consulting firm named Michael Pest Management, my firm consulted on

integrated pest management for crops (i.e. cotton, tomatoes ,almonds, grapes, figs, and the main
crop- citrus). We have been growing several species of trichogramma (an egg parasite), perditious mites, and six

spotted thrips (as predators for two spotted mites and pacific mite). We were the major supplier of aphytis melinus

(parasite for California red scale), perditious beetles, and other minor culture. The pest management company will

hopefully be closing at the end of 2006, and the equipment will be available for donation.


Opened a branch of my insectary in South Africa for the red scale parasite and trichogramma. Also, built an

experimental packing line in South Africa, shipped it to the United States, and cooperated with the USDA post

harvest team in Fresno. We published three publications on our work. We then started building and selling these

packing lines to commercial packing houses. Another three foot line was built in South Africa to which a bin dumper

and sizer was added to create an organic line, which was later used in my orange juice factory. I had the juicing,

pasteurization, and filling equipment built in Brazil, and have been operating an organic orange juice factory for

six years. The plant is now closed, and in anticipation of my retirement, this equipment will be donated. All

equipment may be viewed at